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People who are well-informed and willing to participate actively in the necessary legal processes are best poised to pursue and attain the most favorable results in family law, commercial litigation and any general litigation. Discerning clients seek the counsel and representation of an experienced Maryland Family Law attorney Aubrey Burton, Jr., in Prince George’s County and Charles County. The Burton Law Firm is operated on the assumption that well-informed clients will make the right decisions regarding legal matters.

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Maryland Family Law Attorney Aubrey Burton Jr.

Maryland Family Law Lawyer

Aubrey Burton, Jr.

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Attorney Aubrey Burton, Jr., is the lawyer that many seek to handle difficult cases requiring litigation. Mr. Burton is well familiar with family law courts in the D.C. area, and knows what judges and the law expect. This knowledge helps him to navigate clients through divorce, child custody, and other disputes knowledgeably and efficiently.

Clear communication is a given at The Burton Firm, where client investment in the legal process leads to the most appropriate outcomes. In the event that a client wishes to pursue a route counter to Mr. Burton’s best recommendations, he is nonetheless willing to collaborate once the client is made fully aware of Mr. Burton’s concerns.

The Burton Law Firm allows potential clients to sign up remotely, without the need for missing work or valued time with loved ones! Simply contact The Burton Firm for a free telephone consultation, then receive an email or fax with all of the materials needed to retain your lawyer today!

Maryland family law attorney Aubrey Burton, Jr., brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and zeal to the task of advising and representing clients. Call or e-mail the law firm to schedule a consultation with a Maryland lawyer regarding any of the following legal issues:



  • Wills
  • Estate Administration
  • Will Contest


  • Magistrate Exceptions
  • Post-Judgment Motions
  • Appeals
  • Reconsiderations


  • Ghostwriting
  • Pleading & Filing Preparation
  • Strategy Assistance

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The Burton Firm in Prince George’s County is an experienced law firm where the attorney-client working relationship is the basis of the law practice. Attorney Aubrey Burton, Jr., brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and zeal to the task of advising and representing clients.

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