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The Burton Law Firm welcomes inquiry from potential new clients seeking counsel and assistance in or near Prince George’s County and Charles County.

Aubrey Burton, Jr. handles a wide range of legal matters that many individuals and families need at some point in time, including family law issues (divorce, child custody, guardianship, grandparents’ visitation rights) and business law matters (business startup, business litigation).

Call or email The Burton Firm (using the intake form on the right) to schedule an initial consultation. Learn how a strong working partnership between The Burton Law Firm and a client can help ensure attainment of a desirable outcome such as equitable property distribution or minimization of tax liability for a new or established business.

We know that people have busy lives with many obligations, both personal and financial. As such, potential clients do not need to miss time from work or family to retain a lawyer. Simply contact us for a telephone consultation from the comfort of your own home or office. Once you are ready, simply notify us and you will receive all of the materials needed to sign up via email or facsimile.


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