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If you and your spouse are having marital difficulties a separation may be appropriate. However, what do you do when one spouse refuses to leave the martial home or cooperate in the process?

You need the best Upper Marlboro, MD family law attorney on your side.

Remove Your Spouse from the House!Typically, the refusing spouse will often stop contributing financially to the marital home, and he or she may even take affirmative steps to make the other spouse’s life as miserable as possible while in the marital home. Luckily, there are options available to actually force a separation! Moreover, some of the options to remove a spouse from the house do not involve grounds for divorce or custody, provided that the house is only titled in one spouse’s name.

Attorney Aubrey Burton, Jr. has perfected a method of removing a spouse that is not titled on the deed from the marital home, irrespective of whether the marital home was purchased during the marriage or subject to potentially being classified as “marital property.” This process is done separate and apart from a divorce proceeding. Within as little as 30 days, attorney Aubrey Burton, Jr. may obtain an order granting the titled spouse possession of the marital home.

Conversely, if your spouse is attempting to force you out of the home, contact attorney Aubrey Burton, Jr. to stop the process dead in its tracks.

At The Burton Firm, the attorney-client working relationship provides the essential building blocks of a successful family law practice. Attorney Aubrey Burton, Jr., brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and zeal to the task of advising and representing clients.

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