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Handling “Child in Need of Assistance” (CINA) Matters

The Burton Firm in the D.C. area is often called upon by referring lawyers and by parents or grandparents to handle “Child in Need of Assistance” (CINA) matters.

If you or a loved one has been accused of neglecting or abusing your child, and the State has commenced CINA proceedings or removed the child from your home, you must contact Aubrey Burton, Jr., a Family Law Attorney Prince Georges County.

Family Law Attorney Prince Georges CountyAttorney Aubrey Burton, Jr., is available to review new cases involving a child in need of protection. The Burton Firm is a valuable source of help for parents seeking to avoid the removal of the children from the home or the placement of children in foster care. Contact the law firm to schedule an initial consultation.

Prompt involvement of a knowledgeable, zealous lawyer such as Aubrey Burton, Jr., can facilitate a satisfactory resolution in the best interests of the child.

Contact Aubrey Burton, Jr., to schedule a consultation regarding any aspect of a CINA case including the following:

  • Communication with the Department of Social Services
  • Evaluations of children conducted by healthcare practitioners
  • Shelter hearings: Will the child live with a relative? In foster care? Or remain in custody of parents?
  • Adjudication hearing
  • Review hearings

Attorney Aubrey Burton often represents parents whose children may be taken away and placed in a foster home or in a family member’s home. Parents seek a knowledgeable and caring advocate at a stressful and critical time in a family.

A social worker may have reported allegations of child abuse. Criminal charges are a possibility. Mr. Burton is familiar with a full range of favorable outcomes that can be pursued, such as temporary placement of the child with a close relative or grandparent with unlimited supervised visits for the parent. Applying his years of experience to the nuances and facts of each case, he advises parents in such circumstances on the best approaches.

In any case, Mr. Burton urges parents not to enter into discussions with police, social services representatives or detectives without representation from an attorney who can advise on how best to answer questions like:

  • Should I invoke my fifth amendment right?
  • Is it advisable to clear the air with frank discussion of discord between parents in the process of divorce?
  • Can I explain how a child ended up with bruises through legal corporal punishment?

Parents are urged to call or e-mail The Burton Firm after receiving a phone call or letter from social services that may indicate that allegations of child abuse are a strong possibility.

The Burton Firm in Prince George’s County and Charles County is an experienced family law firm where the attorney-client working relationship is the basis of the law practice. Attorney Aubrey Burton, Jr., applies knowledge, experience and zeal when advising and representing clients. Call or e-mail the law firm to schedule a consultation.