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Maryland Family Law Lawyer – Divorce & Family Law Attorney

Legal Separation and Divorce is one of the toughest and stressful times a person will experience in their life.

It is even more daunting when one must undertake this task alone, without an attorney.

Prince Georges County Family Law LawyerWhile no one gets married and forms a domestic partnership thinking “I will divorce this person one day,” the reality of life is – these things happen. High stress and the unanswered questions that you have in your mind, the uncertainty of how things will work out.

  • Who will gain custody of the kids?
  • Who will pay child support and how much?
  • Am I entitled to spousal support or am I going to be required to pay spousal support?
  • What is the Court process?
  • How long does this process take?
  • How are we going to divide property?

All these questions will be answered, contact us today to speak with an experienced Family Law attorney.

Do you plan to file for divorce or have you been served with the divorce papers?

Hiring an experienced and knowledgeable Prince Georges County family law lawyer who will give you the answers to all your questions, and will be on your side is critically important. Our attorneys will spend the necessary time to design a plan that will achieve your goals, and explain the consequences of each strategic move. Active and aggressive representation is critical in this field. The outcome of your case matters to us. Contact our office as soon as possible so our team of attorneys can properly evaluate your case and protect your rights.

Our family law lawyer Aubrey Burton Jr., has extensive knowledge and experience all types of family law cases, including but not limited to:

If you are planning to file for legal separation, divorce, annulment or if you have been served with legal documents, contact our office as soon as possible. Our Maryland family law attorney Aubrey Burton will carefully evaluate your case and advice you of your rights and determine which course of action is necessary. Contact us for consultation today.