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Child Support Attorney in Maryland

Since 1990, Maryland has used a very particular child support calculator to determine the amount to be paid. The guideline is designed to estimate the percentage of income that parents would spend on children if the parents were living in the same household.

Family Law & Child Support Attorney in MarylandThe formula begins with each parent’s actual monthly income. If a parent is not working and has no other form of income, the court can still assign income if it finds that the parent has the ability to work.

Additionally, each parent’s actual or assigned income can sometimes be reduced by the parent’s other child support or alimony obligations or the parent’s costs of providing health insurance for a child. Then, both parents’ incomes and potential incomes are added together. This combined number is determined from the guidelines of what basics a child will need. The non-custodial parent is then obligated to pay a percentage share of the combined income to the custodial parent.

If the parents share custody, the amount of the child support obligation may be less. A court can also order that the non-custodial parent pay an additional amount for certain medical, school, transportation and day care expenses and for health insurance for a child.

It is very challenging to get child support set at a lower amount than the guideline calculation. To do so, the non-custodial parent must convince the court why following the guidelines would be unjust or inappropriate.

Generally speaking, child support payments are for the generic expenses of food, shelter, clothing, education and medication needed for the children. The court also looks at any other applicable issues such as the needs for disabled children, extremely young children or infants, lack of income from the noncustodial parent and any other responsibilities of the parents.

Obtaining and ensuring child support payments can be tough.

The Burton Firm can help ease this process. Maryland Family Law attorney Aubrey Burton Jr., will help you understand how child support payments are determined and the necessary steps you need to take to receive or make payments. If you need assistance or simply need help with the child support process, call our office today. We will answer any questions you may have and guide you in the right direction. The initial consultation is free. Get the help you need.