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We are not going to get into the spiritual and metaphysical on this page today, but what we can do is help you understand what happens to your personal property when you pass away. Our great country’s Constitution sets laws and regulations that create the foundation for every state’s specific laws regarding the passage of property following an individual’s passing. Each state will have a slightly different set of laws determining how property will be passed on, and the process of verifying and completing this distribution is called probate. The information below is a great starting point in the process...

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Maryland Family Law Attorney

Although Maryland law regards wills and powers of attorney as separate documents, both create rights and responsibilities for different parties. Both create a mechanism for one person to legally act on behalf of another and both have specific provisions under Maryland law that they must meet to be valid.

A will is a legal document that describes how the person drafting the document wants to have their assets and property disposed of when he/she dies. The will appoints an executor who distributes the assets on behalf of the decedent. If someone dies without a will, they are considered intestate and Maryland...

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