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Divorce Lawyer in Maryland Discusses Adultery and Filing for Divorce Infidelity can ruin a marriage, leaving one partner feeling betrayed and insecure. When adultery is a cause for divorce, the injured party will likely desire some sort of return for the emotional damages caused by their partner. Make sure to contact a divorce lawyer in Maryland if you are considering divorce because of adultery. Divorce in Maryland Maryland is a state which requires sufficient “cause” for divorce. This means that the individual filing for divorce, often referred to as the plaintiff, must have a specific reason to request a divorce. Sufficient causes include...

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Divorce Attorney in Maryland Explains Felony Conviction as a Ground for Divorce Getting a divorce is never easy, especially in the state of Maryland where certain variables can affect the outcome of a divorce. There are three main requirements a couple or individual must meet in order to file for divorce in the state of Maryland but it’s always best to speak with a divorce attorney in Maryland regarding your case specifically. Fault Maryland is a state that requires “fault” in order to grant a divorce. It is also possible to be granted a divorce when there has been a voluntary separation of...

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Divorce Lawyer in Maryland Explains Desertion as a Ground for Divorce In order to file for divorce in the state of Maryland, several requirements must be met. Unlike no fault states, Maryland requires a specific reason for divorce. If the married couple lives apart for 12 or more months before filing for divorce, this “fault” requirement is waived. Additionally, at least one spouse must be a Maryland resident for at least one year before filing for the divorce. Divorce can be a pretty tricky subject, especially with multiple variables involved. It’s always best to consult a divorce lawyer in Maryland to...

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Maryland Divorce Attorney Discusses Adultery as a Ground for Divorce Most people feel a sense of sadness when something comes to an end. Whether it was good or bad, there is still that feeling of loss and we’re sad to see it go. When it’s a marriage that is coming to an end, families are affected and that feeling of loss is magnified. When that end comes about because of adultery, the pain and sorrow can be unbearable for some, and in Maryland, proven adultery as a ground for divorce will affect the amount of alimony you pay/receive, and the amount...

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Void & Voidable Marriages

Waldorf Divorce Attorney Helps With Voidable Marriages in the State of Maryland Determining if your marriage is void or voidable will help you determine whether you might get an annulment instead of an actual divorce. Which marriages are void and which marriages are voidable? A void marriage is a marriage that is void from the its outset, as it never existed. Any marriage that (1) Bigamy - at the time of marriage either party was already lawfully married, (2) Incest - he parties are close family relatives which prohibits the marriage is considered void from its outset. Voidable marriage are marriage that can...

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Maryland Divorce Attorney

Maryland Divorce Attorney Helps With All Legal Aspects of Getting Divorced Divorce is the legal end to a marriage as ordered by a court. If you are considering getting divorced, contact a Maryland divorce attorney at our office for consultation about your specific legal issues. In the state of Maryland, a petitioner may ask for two types of divorce: absolute and limited. The most common type of divorce completed in the state is absolute. An absolute divorce is permanent, terminates all property claims by both parties, and permits remarriage if there is a reconciliation by both parties. A limited divorce is not permanent...

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Divorce and Military

Divorce is always a very complicated and emotional situation for anyone who has to deal with it. When a couple decides to end their marriage and one spouse is serving in the military, divorce tends to get even more complicated. Make sure to contact an experienced attorney to help you calculate child support, determine child custody, divide retirement benefits and figure out the other complications. In regards to child support, the military has regulations establishing interim child support guidelines and each branch of the service has different child support guidelines. Courts will look at BAH, separate ration, hazard pay, special...

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Dividing Retirement Assets

Divorce is an emotionally difficult time for many people. Financial worries and burdens are a big concern and retirement assets and pensions are a marital property issue in a Maryland divorce. Maryland is an “equitable” property state, not a “community” property state which holds that the spouse gets half of the property on some automatic basis. “Equitable property” is not automatic and is distributed more fairly. If you’re going through a divorce, make sure to contact an experienced attorney who knows exactly how the process works as there are many factors that play in. Retirement accounts, retirement plans and retirement assets...

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Divorce & College Financial Aid

Divorce or separation can make many things in life complicated, even many years later. If you have children preparing to go to college, it’s important to understand how divorce may affect your child’s college financial aid. The parent with whom the child resides primarily should be the one to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The non-custodial parent’s income is irrelevant for financial aid purposes and if the child lives with both parents equally, then the parent that has spent the most money on the child’s care would be the one to fill out...

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Absolute Divorce

There are two types of divorce recognized by the state of Maryland - limited divorce and absolute divorce. There are a number of differences between the two and you should consult an experienced divorce attorney who can explain the difference to you and which one is best suitable for your situation. The biggest difference is that an absolute divorce is a real divorce whereas a limited divorce is just a legal separation from bed and board. In an absolute divorce, all issues including property issues will be addressed as a final determination of all rights in the marriage including custody,...

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