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Unmarried Cohabitatnts’ Benefits

In the state of Maryland, when you marry whether it’s same-sex or opposite-sex, the couple will have all benefits as determined by its legal status. But what if one unmarried cohabitant dies? Does the surviving cohabitant receive any benefits? The answer depends on the different categories and the controlling law in each. When a person dies from an injury that arose out of his or her employment, that employee’s survivors are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits if the act covers the particular situation. An unmarried cohabitant who can show that he or she was wholly or partly dependent on...

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Crimes Against Marriage

Two very different types of cases define the America legal system: criminal and civil. Civil cases are generally considered disputes between individuals or entities regarding legal duties and responsibilities that they owe one another, a stark contrast to criminal cases, which are considered crimes against the states. In the State of Maryland, adultery and bigamy are both a civil and criminal offense. Adultery (cheating) is defined as “voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and a person other than that person's husband or wife.” Even though the completion of sexual intercourse is not required for the standing of adultery, the sexual...

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