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It is important to establish a child’s father for many reasons. It compels the father to assist in the child’s financial support and it also determines if the child has any rights to inherit from his or her alleged father when the father dies.

Waldorf Family Law AttorneyIf the father openly admits that the child is his, then establishing paternity is not an issue. If the man disputes paternity, then a paternity lawsuit must be filed to prove that he is indeed the child’s father. Proving paternity used to be established through circumstantial evidence, such as proof that the couple had engaged in sexual intercourse near the time of conception and if the child looks like the father.

Today the most important tool in establishing paternity beyond doubt is DNA testing, which compares genetic markers between the alleged father and the child. Unlike older tests, such as blood typing, which could serve only to exclude a man as the child’s father, DNA testing is used affirmatively to prove that the man is in fact the child’s father.

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